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Sunday, September 24th

10:30 am  Mass Children's Liturgy of the Word

5-6:30pm 1st Confirmation Class

6:30pm -8pm 2nd Year Confirmation Class

Tuesday, September 26th

3:30 pm Faith Formation for Children

Wednesday, September 27th

12 pm Potluck Luncheon

Thursday, September 28th

7pm Lector Workshop


Sunday, October 1st

5-7pm Youth Group

Sunday, October 8th

11:30am Ministry to the Sick/CL

Thursday, October 26th

All Committees Meeting Planning Meeting-Fall Exposition

Sunday, October 29th

12pm Welcoming Church starts

Registrations will begin in October...

11:30am Saint Carnival

Tuesday, October 31st

9am  Book Study-The Book of Revelation

Sunday, November 5th

10:30am After Mass Wedding Anniversary Blessing

November 4th and 5th

Holiday Craft Fair

November 18th & 19th

Fall Exposition


December 3rd

Advent Celebration


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