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Garden Day!

I would like to thank all those who showed up and worked on Garden Day last week. The list said we had 28 people. The work is not over though. This coming Saturday we need to work on more of the yard from 10:30-1 pm. I hope you can be there.

Easter lilies are free for the taking! They bloom usually twice a year. They are in front of the outside office door. I want to thank Gatti Nursery for providing us with azaleas for the sanctuary!

We have finished the Mass on YouTube because no one phoned asking for it to continue as I asked for at the TV Mass last week. This Sunday is the last taped Mass. I want to thank Karl Turner for filming the Mass for the month’s past.

The 12 noon Mass on Sunday will be cancelled after today as we can fit more people into the church at our other Sunday Masses.


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